We have many years of experience in data recovery. We first do a free assessment of your situation and formulate a method for recovery.Then we temporarily repair the device to a working state, clone it and recover the data then copy it to our secure servers. Before billing you, we show you an interactive file listing so that you know that we have recovered the data you were looking for. We provide free online tracking system so that you can track the development of your data recovery at every stage.

Data security is important for our clients. That’s why we also take data security very seriously. After we have recovered your data, we destroy all data including copies and cloned images after receiving payment. We have security officers present at our premises 24 hours a day; we also have 24 hour CCTV in operation. We do not allow any unauthorized access to our premises.

We have invested in the best possible data recovery facilities to make sure that we maximize our chances of recovering important client data. We have an ISO 3 clean room environment for the disassembly and recovery of all hard drives. We have clean rooms that reduce the risk of any contamination of your drives.

Our team consists of expert engineers who are experienced in all disciplines needed within a modern data recovery system. The data recovery techniques are evolving continuously. We keep up with the advancements in these techniques and provide the best solution for our clients. We have an R&D team that refines the techniques and tools continuously. We are always looking forward to developing improved method of data recovery.

Continue to refine our data recovery services across as wide a range of devices as possible, so that when anybody calls to ask for our help, we can respond positively and get their data back as quickly as possible.

You can call us for any kind of help on data recovery. We will respond to your call positively and retrieve data as quickly as possible.

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